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A reader wrote in to suggest I explore the falaise using Microsoft’s Visual Earth 3D (beta), which lets you look at aerial photos from an angle.

It gives an interesting perspective, with Mount Royal in the background and the Lachine canal in the foreground.  You can also see the former Turcot and Glen yards. That X at the bottom isn’t an airport, it’s Carrefour Angrignon (which, come to think of it, does feel like an airport hangar).


You’ll have to install Virtual Earth 3D first. Go to Live Search Maps and click “Install free!” (it’s for Windows users only, of course). Once you have it installed, click here to take a look at the map at the angle I set it at above. You’ll be able to zoom in and out and roam around.

If you don’t want to install it or you have a Mac, click on the map above to take a look at a bigger version of the photo.


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I’m working on a map using Google Maps. Click here to explore it.

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Here’s a good satellite photo showing the falaise in relation to the Glen and Turcot yards.

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About 9000 years ago, the development of the first channels in the clays marked the transition from amarine to an estuarine environment. The rivers emptied into a body of water that was shrinking in size.

The falaise St. Jacques is a geological formation that dates back to the Champlain Sea, which covered much of the Montreal area after the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago.

Natural Resources Canada has a fascinating animated graphic showing Montreal emerging from that sea. Click here for the explanation and here for the animated graphic.

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